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happen to me in a hotel on the outskirts of Cardiff a few years n had a bad time at home and moved to a , while at the same time, I used to take her niece home from time to time, for we of the friendly I have seen tonight in the city of apub near the castle, and we had drinks and spend the time of day is 20 tall and thin and blonde is not ashamed to say the least \\ \\ n however, we had some more drinks and went to the bathroom I was looking out the window when he sat in one hand, I went to pass, said to keep there, I have, but I got the palm of hand up, so we chatted abit more without a care in the world, so I decided my hand and put a finger in his pants, it was not an eye, so that the use to continue and slide a finger on it, stuck with me and kissed my tongue in my mouth. then put his hand on my penis, in the sense that they have in me, kissed me and said it was hard to show oxotube here ornce hand out of his cock in hand and play with it, I was playing with her pussy all the waay back to the hotel I stay in a room that was launched here the knee and let my penis and started sucking me Wilster had a hand here, head and mouth while the other was screwed so I could play with her tits (what, where small but fixed), but he knows how to suck oxotube a dick and I came in her mouth almost immediately we stopped for a while to recover for me and both the shower, when I left the shower in the typing of the bed was, I got between her legs and began to lick and suck her clit for a few minutes I I came on my face after a couple of fingers sliding on it and play with it, it made a jet (i luv squirters as my wife oxotube can now be injected into the eye ten feet ), so I keep playing with it until it squirts sometimes more, but I changed my position, so I could suck on my penis a little more ce to life so I asked for that shit, so I put the legs on my shoulder and entered her slowly oxotube at first and play with her ​​ass at the same time had a finger oxotube in and out of her ass and then turn fingers at the entrance again while I was doing this so that their juices, I used lub ass and squeezed her ass and gently prick here eased my cock in her (as I said oxotube before, is not shy in front me and said they like the ass) fuck her ass into a ' I was ready to finish, so it slipped my cock and shot my load all over his stomach, so it was cleaned by hand and ate it, , and we woke up together in the morning and ended up where we left but that's for next time
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